The following highland dance suppliers and kiltmakers I know personally and recommend them to you.

Karen Grant, Celtic Apparel – Karen made a jacket for each of my daughters. The workmanship was fantastic and she delivered when she promised. In addition she is a pleasure with which to work. Karen was also very generous in providing some of the photos for my homepage. If you see Grant Galleries on the watermark of a photo that means the kilt and jackets were made by Karen and the hose by Bonnietoes. Karen also makes jigs, aboynes, and choreography costumes.

Judith Sullivan, Kiltmaker – Judith made my oldest daughter’s kilt in 2012 and in 2014 I commissioned her to make my youngest daughter’s kilt. I became acquainted with Judith through the MRM workshop a number of years ago and besides my own experience I have had it confirmed by many others that she always does fantastic work, beats her promised deadlines and again, a pleasure with which to work.

Bonnie Heather Greene, Kiltmaker – I met Bonnie through a mutual friend and was quite astounded by her sewing skills. She makes the most perfect tiny stitches! However, I was delighted to discover her kind spirit and enthusiasm for her craft. Bonnie is an excellent kiltmaker who specializes in men’s and ladies kilts and ladies kilted skirts. She does it all, however, dancers, children and is very adept at (and undaunted by) alterations.